IP Attaché Program: A Valuable USPTO Tool for Protecting U.S. Stakeholders Abroad

The USPTO’s IP Attaché Program was recently featured by the Department of Commerce as being a valuable for U.S. businesses and stakeholders seeking to protect their IP interests abroad.  Serving at embassies, consulates, and missions in 14 locations around the world, the IP Attachés work to improve intellectual property systems internationally and help U.S. stakeholders navigate IP systems abroad.

IP Attachés work as advocates for improved IP policies, laws, and regulations abroad.  Attachés provide services such as raising IP issues with foreign government officials, providing IP training, conducting public awareness programs, and presenting and explaining U.S. government positions.  IP Attachés also provide services that benefit U.S. businesses and stakeholders directly.  For example, U.S. businesses seeking to enter foreign markets or conduct business abroad can contact Attachés for information on how to navigate foreign laws and regulations, how foreign courts and governments work, and how to protect and enforce IP rights abroad.

The IP Attaché Program is a valuable resource for U.S. businesses seeking IP protection abroad.  To read the complete article by the Department of Commerce, visit:  For general information on the IP Attaché Program, visit:

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