Diversity and Inclusion

Working Together

At Advent, we are committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive environment for our employees.  Even though Advent is a smaller boutique Intellectual Property firm in the Midwest, we exhibit good diversity among our employees.  Over sixty (60) percent of our employees are diverse from either a gender, ethnic or religious standpoint.  Also, around sixty (60) percent of Advent’s attorneys are diverse from either a gender, ethnic or religious standpoint.

At Advent, we are promoting inclusiveness by letting all of our employees (attorneys and staff) select their own work schedules (within reason).   A few of our employees have pressing family obligations and work part of the day from their homes.  We have implemented “Open Mondays” where each employee is encouraged to present opportunities for change and improvement with the firm’s execution and management.  We also use Open Mondays to allow our employees opportunities to share or access workflow from a variety of sources.  This access allows our employees to expand their practices and support in the direction that they desire.  Our goal is to allow “Open Mondays” to give every employee at Advent a voice.  In addition, we are systematically involved with the local law schools, universities, and our business partners to promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business.

At Advent, our younger talent (attorneys and staff) are starting to have children and raise families.  We recognize that these can be difficult / stressful times when professionals are trying to grow their practice and may potentially make individuals feel excluded or that they are falling behind in their careers.  We want to do everything we can to not let this become a reality.  In addition to our open work and schedule environment, Advent has constructed nursing rooms, play rooms, and an infant sleeping room within our new facility.   Our intent with these benefits is to provide flexibility to working parents who are sporadically put into a difficult situation of needing to choose between family and career.  We believe that such facilities will help accommodate our new parent employees during the challenging transition to family life and parenthood.