Legal Expertise

Freedom-to-Operate Analysis

Freedom-to-Operate Analysis (“FTO”) is commonly defined as a determination as to whether a particular action, such as commercialization, testing or reverse engineering, can occur without infringing valid intellectual property rights of others. If you are considering introducing your new idea to the marketplace, you may be concerned if your new idea infringes on someone’s existing patent, trademark or copyright. Litigation is expensive, so it is important to make sure you have legal clearance before proceeding.

At Advent, our attorneys can be your best asset as you seek to protect yourself. Our goal is to work closely with the management, marketing, and technical personnel of our clients to better anticipate their needs and problems and also to create a comprehensive patent strategy to meet our client’s individual needs.

Our tools at Advent include sophisticated on-line search utilities along with a network of intellectual property search companies around the world. These searching capabilities allow us to provide our clients with expert opinions concerning the patentability of prospective new inventions, the validity of competitors patents, and whether our clients proposed products infringe competitors patents. Further, as a result of our analysis of the prior art in the technological field being addressed, our clients are able to make important decisions concerning commercialization and protection of their important developments.