Legal Expertise

IP Portfolio Planning and Management

At Advent, we are intellectual property business strategists. Not only do our attorneys have a technology and legal skill set, but our attorneys also have business savvy that allows our attorneys to identify business opportunities for our clients. Our attorneys recognize the growing importance of intellectual property strategic management and we are on the cutting edge of this trend. Our attorneys help clients leverage and manage their intellectual property by developing and implementing strategic plans and processes that correspond to specific business goals. For example, for a client that had over 1500 physical paper files, Advent implemented a system to virtualize their physical documentation and reduce the massive communication overhead required to maintain the portfolio to a single weekly report.

Our attorneys understand that people are the life and soul of every corporation, and its most important asset. Employees, through their intellect, creativity and dedication, create and enhance intellectual assets on a daily basis. Advent attorneys advise companies on strategically mining, understanding, capturing and employing these assets. Some of our lawyers have held top IP legal and management positions at Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations. We fully appreciate that intellectual property needs to have a business purpose, and our attorneys are fully prepared to develop and implement tailored strategies to help you achieve your business goals.