Legal Expertise


A company’s brand and associated goodwill are often its most valuable assets and protecting a company’s brand and associated goodwill through trademark registration is of the utmost importance. Advent offers a full range of legal services in all aspects of trademark registration and protection on a global basis.

Advent’s trademark services include:

Trademark Identification and Selection

Products, services, and corporate brands are built on trademark rights. Identifying and selecting those trademark rights is a continuing process as a business grows and consumers come to view a mark as indicating a single source. Advent provides counseling and direction to clients to identify and protect these rights at every stage.

Trademark Clearance

Advent provides trademark searching and counseling related to registration, branding strategies, use, and enforcement of the marks. Advent provides a range of searching options for selecting and clearing marks for adoption and use, as well as for anticipating potential obstacles to registration and minimizing litigation risks.

Trademark Prosecution

Advent prepares and files trademark applications, responds to office actions, and maintains trademark registrations.

Global Trademark Portfolio Management

At Advent, we help companies create and cultivate their brands domestically and internationally. We provide business driven advice and manage trademark filings internationally to help our clients meet their goals. We have a network of international legal associates who help protect brands across the globe in hundreds of jurisdictions.